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Welcome to the fourth issue of Whispers - the newsletter of Dereila Nature Inn. Thank you so very much for subscribing and continuing to support our growing project. The lazy months of summer have meant traveling, holidays and vacations for many, including us at the Inn. We hope your summer is a time of wonderful encounters and experiences with nature.
Monthly Selections 
Every month we highlight a bug, wildflower and bird - and here are the selections for August:

To visit the page and see larger images as well asbrief write-ups, just click on the pictures.

Be sure to also check out the appropriate archive pages to see the previous selections. We also invite you suggest nominees for up-coming choices.
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>> Many thanks to everyone for submitting your ideas, comments, feedback and contributions. If you'd like to be part of our project a great starting point is one of our two "Caption This!" pages. We have put together a selection of interesting images featuring mammals or birds - all just waiting for your humourous captions. To visit the pages, click on the images below.

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The Wandering Image
During our wandering search for an image for the August, we came across a female Pileated woodpecker.

About the size of a crow and the largest of the North American woodpeckers, the Pileated Woodpecker often seen in the woods where it wreaks havoc with many an old tree as it chops away at them for pure pleasure. It is a cautious bird, therefore making it difficult to approach close enough for a photograph. Our staff photographer however, caught this female in the viewfinder and chose it as this month's wandering image.

Snippets in Nature ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Our monthly choice - Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Multnomah Falls is a wonderful site that so many people miss as they head south through Oregon to California on Interstate 5. It is located about a 30 minutes from Portland. At a height of 611 feet, the water is a roaring cascade which shows you the full power and beauty of nature. Created by springs and the melting snows on Larch Mountain, the water flows to an icy trickle in winter. There is a short walk from the parking lot to the viewing area and for the more adventurous, a trail to the top. Most of the visitors however, walk only to the bridge on a paved walkway which spans the first tier.
Joke of the Month ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks to Tony of Toronto who sent in this submission to give us all a chuckle.

Alaska Department of Game and Wildlife Bulletin


In light of increasing frequency of bear/human contact the department is advising hunters, fishermen, hikers and all others planning on participating in outdoor activities to take extra precautions and be more alert for bears while in the wild this summer. It is advisable to be 'noisy' in bear areas. Talking aloud, clattering equipment and even the wearing of bells or frequent use of a whistle will alert bears of your presence and assist in not startling them. Simply put, bears do not like being startled.


Bear dung is another good indicator if they are present. Black bears, which have been less of a problem, will show obvious signs of berries and vegetation in their droppings. The scent is not especially strong so, be visually aware. Grizzly dung typically produces a stronger odor. While sometimes present, berries evidence is not as prevalent as bells and whistles.


We'd love to have more clean jokes for our newsletter and also the Inn's website. Please send us an e-mail.

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