Welcome to issue two of Whispers! Thank you so much for subscribing and for your continued support of our project. It's June already and here in the Northern hemisphere the days are getting longer and the sun is (hopefully) shining and the world of nature is moving into full swing. Although the sunny warm weather may take you away from your computer a little more than usual, we hope you'll still find a bit of time now and then to check out the latest happens at the Dereila Nature Inn.
Caption This 
Have you visited our "Caption This!" pages? They are a collection of images that we felt deserved a good caption. So far we have two sections: birds and mammals, and we've been thrilled with the fun responses and captions people have sent in. Here's a recent one, sent in by Nancy of Los Altos Hills, CA

Nancy's caption: "Is the hurricane over yet?" - Thanks Nancy!
To visit the pages and become involved, just start clicking: Caption This - the Birds and Caption This - the Mammals.
About Our Forum 
One area of the Inn you may not have found is our friendly forum. We have a small (but growing) community of nature lovers just like you. The forum is a place to trade stories and images of the natural world around us. So if you have some stories to tell, some pictures to share, or just feel like a relaxing visit and making some new online friends, this could be the place for you. Just click right here.
Monthly Selections 
Every month we highlight a bug, wildflower and bird - and here are the selections for June:


To visit the page and get a bit of information click on the following links:

June's Bird of the Month | June's Bug of the Month | June's Wildflower of the Month

While you're visiting the pages you'll find handy links to the archive pages so you can see past selections, and you'll also find a invitation to suggest nominees for next month's choices (although, it seems appropriate to be going with the Bald Eagle for July - but you never know!).

On The Lookout 
We are constantly searching for new images to add to our vast collection, images that will suit the many tales and topics that we eagerly add to the Inn's pages. The latest and most exciting find was this Clearwing moth, Hemaris diffinis.
It is a daytime flyer, and has some outstanding colours. We were lucky that it stayed long enough for us to capture a few images. Who knows? Maybe this will be featured in one of the pages of the Inn one day soon.
New at the Inn 

In the past few weeks we've added a few new items to the Inn that we invite you to explore:

- In the Natural Places series - visit California's Death Valley National Park, an astounding area of extremes - Hottest, Driest and Lowest. Click here.

- In the Lagoon Trail, we've added a new Tale from the Lagoon. This one deals with an intrepid investigator who has been checking things out with his spy-glasses at the lagoon Discover his "secret" journal by clicking here.

Going Around the World 

Our site to getting hits from everywhere. It seems that someone in every continent has visited the Inn. Most of our hits come from the US and we have reports of hits from these states:

Missouri, California, Georgia, New York, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland Kentucky, Nevada, Michigan, Florida, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, Kansas, Mississippi, Indiana, Colorado, Ohio, Utah, Alabama, New Jersey and Arizona

We appreciate the fact that you're spreading the news about the Inn!

Coming Up 

We've got lots of new things coming up at the Inn in the next few weeks. Here are some of the things we're working on:

- A Marmot Story

- More parks in our Natural Places section (each page takes about three hours to do, so they don't all happen over night!)

- Updating our state and provincial birds page. We need lots of help here as we are don't have many of the birds in our collection. If you can help out - please let us know!

- A mosses and lichens article

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