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Make yourself at home, get comfy and enjoy a fun and informative visit.
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Main Portals at the Inn

Drop by the nook and explore some of the great places in the natural world! Here we
celebrate nature in all of its glory and have some great fun with photography. Start exploring!

The Bird's Nest Lounge is a comfy little spot to immerse yourself in the world of birds.
You'll find tips and stories, guides and fact pages all featuring our feathered friends. You are
invited to enjoy our photo galleries, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, trivia and other features. Begin here.
Tales from the Deck
Create an effective bird feeding station! You'll find some recipes, photo stories,
tips as well as projects to make bird feeders and nesting boxes. Visit here.
Tread softly and see the flower of the month, explore our photo galleries and guides.
Or try your hand at some crosswords and read a few articles to learn more about wildflowers. Enter here.
Stroll along the water's edge, gaze into tidal pools and enter
a world of fascinating marine and seashore life. Start the trail here.
Spend a while in the Wildzone and meet some marvellous mammals!
You'll find information and photographs about all sorts creatures from the
smaller critters to the mighty beasts of the forest. The adventures begin here!
Grab your close-up lens and come and examine the Bug World with us.
You'll find guides, information pages, galleries, jigsaws, trivia and other features we hope you'll enjoy. Use this portal.
The Woodlands Pathway is a virtual trail that'll take you through the woods,
up into the forests and on to the hiking trails into the mountains which lie just over there.

Here we explore the trees and shrubs, grasses and reeds and fascinating
fungi, mosses and lichens
. Click here to begin your explorations.
Monthly Quick Clicks - April 2017
Visit some amazing places in the natural world
A Look at Larvae
State and Provincial Mammals
Birds of North America Crossword # 8 - Little Birds
State Reptiles
Shrubs At-A-Glance
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